This lake has a peculiar shape. A vague shape Shifter – Shape Shifter appeared through the mist. He could give no shape to his ideas.

The old house was in bad shape. He was sick last year, but is in good shape now. What will the shape of the future be? A dancer can keep her shape longer than those of us who have sedentary jobs.

He shaped everything to suit his taste. If discussions shape properly, the companies will merge. The plan is beginning to shape up. The house is beginning to take shape.

I mean, physically, mentally, you know, in every way, shape, and form. The Babadook is the shape of grief: all-enveloping, shape-shifting, black, here intensely, terrifying, then gone. Why the size and shape of a copper still is at the core of whisky distillation. Nor is his face, or more accurately the shape of the hair that hides his face, easy to forget. By pure chance I had been posted to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe, shape, on the outskirts of Paris.

I’m sportively pretending that I can press it back into shape. And six weeks after that I had things in shape so’t I was able to leave. But death will I choose, in any shape, rather than that man. Let us shape the hope of this day into the noblest chapter in our history.