He specialises in shooting underwater fashion and beauty as well as products in numbers – The Flower Kings – Banks Of Eden. A book of Mark’s Aqueous work is available through www. He is represented by several galleries and his personal work is held in many private collections around the world. Awards 2009 Sovereign Asian Art Awards – Finalist.

2010 International Aperture Awards – Silver. 2011 Dabomba Creative Awards – Gold. 2012 The London Awards – Shortlisted. 2014 International Photography Awards – 2nd Place. Dripbook Creative portfolios powered by Dripbook. Even those in their 50s are struggling to obtain home loans as an unintended consequence of tougher lending rules, a financial watchdog claims.

Banks and building societies say they are simply trying to stick to the stricter regulations. These require more stringent checks on applicants’ current and future income and spending to ensure they can afford repayments if interest rates rise. But critics say banks have gone too far and accuse them of refusing loans to people approaching retirement for their own financial gain by leaving them on rates that are often less favourable. Most banks set an upper age limit beyond which they will not lend, typically between 65 and 80. Yet people in their 50s are also reportedly being refused because they would still be paying a mortgage in retirement. At a conference hosted by the Council of Mortgage Lenders yesterday, Linda Woodall of the FCA said age should not be an automatic bar.

There have been reports that older borrowers are finding it more difficult to get a mortgage and that this is partly down to our rules,’ she said. But our rules do not aim to discourage lending to older consumers. In fact the income of older borrowers such as pension income can be very stable. A sensible and proportionate approach is all we are asking of you’. Mrs Woodall said even homeowners wanting to downsize or reduce their debt had been refused. Mortgage broker Andrew Montlake, of Coreco Group, told of how banks were refusing new deals for homeowners in their 50s when they have reached the end of their mortgage term. The banks are nervous,’ he said.