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Pork Soda is the third studio album by the American rock band Primus, released April 20, 1993, certified Gold in September 1993 and certified Platinum in May 1997. The album was performed in its entirety for the first time at The Fox Theater in Oakland, California, on New Year’s Eve 2015. The album contains darker content than previous Primus efforts, featuring lyrics dealing with murder, suicide, and alienation. The band has commented that prior to recording, they had been touring for nearly two solid years and were thus in a sombre mood, although in a 2015 interview Claypool described the era surrounding the album as “Good times, happy times. It’s not like we were reflecting any personal drama or anything. Regarding the song “Wounded Knee” drummer Tim Alexander said “I needed a name. I was reading this book called “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”.

It was something I never really thought about before I mean how this country came to be. We are taught to be so proud. But a lot of what we have is based on lies and deceit. In his review for Allmusic, Steve Huey contends that Pork Soda is “one of the strangest records ever to debut in the Top Ten.

He notes that the album “showcases the band’s ever-increasing level of musicianship” and that ” ensemble interplay continues to grow in complexity and musicality”, although ” material isn’t quite as consistent as Seas of Cheese”. Archived from the original on 2010-12-10. Rank Your Records: Les Claypool Retrieved 2017-08-08. Christgau’s Consumer Guide: Albums of the ’90s.